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Chloe Storey Management

After working in various areas of the industry spanning over 13 years, Chloe decided to start her own agency for actors, where she can nurture and represent a broad range of truly gifted and unique actors.  


Chloe trained as an actress at Arts Educational, London and graduated in 2011, but soon realised that she was better suited at managing and championing talent instead of being in the spotlight.


She worked in casting alongside Amy Hubbard and Elaine Grainger before working at various acting agencies in London, including Lou Coulson and Scott Marshall Partners where she spent 7 years as an agent working in both theatre and the recorded media department, building on relationships throughout the industry. 

Chloe's passion for the industry is ever growing and she finds inspiration in getting to know and collaborating with actors to developing a successful and fruitful career.

Choosing the right agent is crucial for an actor, and Chloe is determined to maintain the company's ethos of creating an approachable, tailored and professional environment for her clients


Companies Chloe has worked with include:

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